10 Team Day Out Ideas in Barcelona

Barcelona is popular and quite big, so it might be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do and where to start in this city. Team day outs are a really important feature of a healthy workplace, so you’re not mad to be concerned. That being said, Barcelona is a huge tourist destination, so they’re used to hosting lots of fun activities. Apart from being a great place to be, it can be beneficial for you and your team! This article is going to give you some direct and diverse ideas that can help you book today. Be ready to give your colleagues something to get excited about!

Written by Harry Prince

Barcelona space - SpaceHuntr

1. Find Yourself a Unique Space with Spacehuntr

You might be visiting the city for a business occasion and are in need of a meeting room. At the same time, you also want to find an after-work location for you and your team and also book suitable accommodation. All of that can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily for you, there is an easy solution for this. Spacehuntr is a team of local experts who are able to hear your requests and turn your wishes into reality.

Simply said, the company is like Airbnb, but much better. It is more personalized and has a focus on (business) event spaces, after-work venues, and accommodation. They provide the full package, so to say. It is referred to as ‘Work, Play, Stay’ and the concept is incredibly unique!

You will be surprised how easy it is for them to find you the local venue which matches your needs. Start with your preferred location, the vibe of the space, your occasion, and the Spacehuntr team will find you what you need. Aside from Barcelona, the team is working all across Europe. From London to Paris, to Amsterdam and beyond. Make sure to check them out!

2. Clean Beach Initiative

Cleanups are a great team activity. Because firstly doing something good for the planet is akin to doing something for yourself; both literally, figuratively, and spiritually, whatever way you want to see it. It brings groups closer together through an intensive and positive common experience. They are always looking to do cooperative events and operations with new groups. And that group could be yours.

Clean Beach Initiative was founded in 2019, and the community is getting bigger all the time. You can join their open clean-ups on the weekends, usually Saturdays at 11 AM.

La Barceloneta beach - Picture by Jelien Moerman

3. Arte Bar

Do you know what is a great thing to have on hand if your painting goes wrong? Wine. This is why Arte Bar is great for a team day out. And if your painting goes better than expected, you can celebrate with wine. Or maybe your success is just a trick of the wine? Certainly not for us to say.

Arte Bar - you guessed it - a wine and painting extravaganza. Aside from the materials and the wine, you have one of their staff members to gently take you to step by step through the painting process! You need a minimum of ten guests per booking. And for €32 you get 3 hours of painting, wine, and quality time out with your team.

4.Espai Boisa: Masterchef

Masterchef is great TV, and if you don’t agree then you have to be lying. The drama, the breadth of human emotion, the food, it’s just great! Espai Boisà is giving you and your team the chance to experience Masterchef for yourself! It’s a unique, fun, and dynamic team-building activity. Not to mention, it’s very hands-on!

You can book this experience for 15 to 32 people. You’ll be split into two teams, and charged with the challenge of preparing 3 starters and a dessert while the professional chef prepares the main course. After you’ve had a chance to relax and try each other's food, the chef will choose a winner. You’re excited already, don’t lie! This is a great team day out in Barcelona because it demands teamwork, constant cooperation, healthy competitiveness, and benign pressure that brings people closer together.

Source Espai Boisa

5. El Merendro

What’s more friendly than an old fashioned BBQ? Family, friends, community vibes, where close people become closer, and you eat till you’re uncomfortable. You laugh, you drink, and you embrace the sun retreating.

El Merendro is an old family restaurant and Barcelona institution. In one of its most cherished parks - the Font De Les Planes - this has been a hangout and meeting spot for the people of Barcelona for decades, especially on warm weekends.

Just sitting at the bright green tables is an experience enough. But what is magic about this place is the coal fires you will be in charge of, as well as cooking and sharing your own food.

6. ArtCava’s Cellar

Too often excursions last a couple of hours, leaving you unsatisfied, unimmersed, and not having had the full experience that was offered. ArtCava is offering you and your team a full day’s visit to their vineyard. So when they say you’ll leave with a proper experience of Catalan cava, they mean it. You’ll start your day with an agricultural breakfast. After which you’ll be treated to a guided tour of the cellar, which of course, includes a tasting of their best wines. The best part of the tasting is that you will be able to take your favourite bottle home.

While your lunch is being prepared, you’ll enjoy some more cava in their winery, La Manela. Or perhaps maybe a glass of vermouth this time? And of course, the Mediterranean feast will be accompanied by even more cava. The experience means spending the whole day at the winery, and being made to feel part of the family. It’s a team day out for anywhere between 2 and 20 people.

7. Ungravity

Ungravity is a watersport school that focuses on paddle surf, surfing, and even skateboarding. They do private lessons, groups courses, camps, excursions, and day trips. Luckily for everyone, they offer their courses to people of all levels, all the way throughout the year!

How about an unforgettable paddle surf session during sunrise along the coast of Barcelona?

Paddle Surf Barceloneta - Source Pexels

8. Barcelona Sail

Barcelona Sail offers the classiness and thrill of regatta racing and the vital importance of chipping in to save our environment. The first part of this team day out is a brief and informative plastic pollution presentation, which is followed by a really fun quiz. Following that, you take part in a dramatic sailing regatta race that incorporates a plastic pollution scavenger hunt.

The sailing regatta is not just informative, but it’s hands-on. You’ll be well drilled in the basic techniques and mechanics of sailing as you’re split into teams for 4 to 6 to battle it out on the sea that sits before the city.

9. Get Volley

Volleyball is a great game to bring a team together. It’s fun, and anyone can join in. Get Volley’s professional instructors will be there to lead the different team-building exercises and teach your team new skills and fundamentals. You can dive into fun games, or tournament situations, whatever you like. The sessions last 90 minutes, so they’re short and sweet. The emphasis is on communication and participation. Making it a really nice break from a hard day or week stuck inside!

Beach Volley - Source Unsplash

10. Scarlett Entertainment Flamenco Workshop

Flamenco is one of Spain's most celebrated traditions. And you can give your team the chance to immerse themselves in it at the beautiful grounds of Poble Espanyol, Montjuïc. The workshops are led by professional dancers and trainers. And you’ll be dancing to live guitar music for that extra touch of authenticity.

The workshop by Scarlett Entertainment usually lasts for 45 minutes and is suitable for a team anywhere between 15 and 40 people. Flamenco and the dances offered varies, so your experience is entirely customizable. For example, you could choose to have the workshop more focused on the famous musical Carmen. Or maybe tap dancing is more your team's speed? It’s all up to you!

Wrapping up

Well, it has been far too long since our last team day out. This article, well it’s just rubbing salt into the wound. But wow, we are ready for when we next visit Barcelona!

We hope you’ve seen that Barcelona isn’t just a city for a party and a getaway. It’s also a great place to hold a corporate event.

It’s a city with a depth and complexity that will without a doubt surprise you!