4 Innovative Ways Online Retailers can Create Brand Awareness

Becoming a trusted brand is critical for any online business to thrive. If ideal customers won’t be able to place their trust in your brand, how will you ever be able to increase your sales and customer base? Below are some innovative ways online retailers can create brand awareness and help your store to thrive.

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Engage Top Influencers

Engaging top influencers along with your marketing campaigns is a terrific way to boost brand awareness and drive sales. How? Leading influencers have a huge following who know and trust them, so when they discuss your product and mention your brand in their video, forum, or blog, these mentions drastically increase your reach and boost people’s awareness about your product.

We have already seen companies engaging influencers to highlight their events or use them as a spokesperson for their product and brand. Nike is a primary example in this regard. The famous sports brand has hired Serena Williams as their brand representative. The iconic tennis star has such a huge fan base around the world that she instantly became a walking billboard for the brand.

Using an influencer also helps brands build a strong bond with their audience that is hard to obtain through company efforts.

Branded Custom Mailer Boxes

Did you ever receive your order in branded packaging? Unlike any other ordinary shipment, the exquisite packaging and branding would have made you feel as if you are receiving a gift. Branded custom mailer boxes offer additional value and make each customer feel special. Above all, it distinguishes your mailer boxes from the competitors in the marketplace.

Bespoke packaging personalizes the shopping experience and makes your brand stick to the minds of the customers. For instance, The Legacy Printing is a company that designs custom branded packaging for virtually all kinds of businesses ranging from mailer boxes to soap packaging, CBD boxes, and more. All these packages bear the brand names and logos of their clients that enhance the customer experience.

Some of their packages have even been featured in the media when a new product is launched. This further elevates the experience of the people receiving their custom packages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making a name for your brand in the digital realm is daunting unless you are correctly implementing search optimization (SEO) strategies that will allow you to jump on the first page of the Google search results. But why the first page? A high percentage of the customers do not look past the first page when searching for products, services, or more. And a high percentage of people in that group do not look past the first few results on the first page. However, if you play your cards right, SEO can significantly increase your brand awareness.

So think about implementing SEO strategies that can help you rise above the noise and create awareness around your online business. SEO is a powerful solution for companies that want to be seen and found over the internet, where more and more people are now searching for various products and services.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is continuously evolving, adapting, and growing. Businesses that ignore it fail to stay on top of the latest trends. In this age, it’s crucial to develop a consistent brand on social media. These platforms allow businesses to engage with their ideal customers and promote their products effectively. Instagram has proven it right over and over again. According to an adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram stories are doing the same for both businesses and individuals.

Past are the days when social networking websites were considered as one of the most excellent tools to connect with family and friends. Today, it is used as a medium to reach out to the target audience.