4 Interesting Startups from Barcelona to support during this Crisis

Barcelona is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. It boasts a rich history, many iconic monuments, hidden gems, and commercial centers. With events like MWC Barcelona and the EU startups' annual summit, the city turns out to be a home for the burgeoning local businesses. Barcelona is leading the country in the Spanish startup ecosystem that is on the rise. But which are Barcelona’s most exciting startups to watch in 2020? Keep reading to discover 4 small creative startups that you can support during this crisis.

Written by Jelien Moerman


Since its inception in January 2018, HAURI has always been on the trend for its fashionable wooden watches and multifunctional accessories. The company delivers wooden watches that are light in weight and durable, allowing you to fancy great wooden crafts long enough. Their watch comprises of NATO straps that are colourful in a way that they recall the lively memories of Barcelona, the city where one of this kind came into existence.

The company has the goodwill for its customers at the core. For that reason, the company has developed the multifunctional, fashionable, yet affordable RASGY accessory. This product represents a very interesting alternative to conventional keychains to guard personal belongings - including wallets, mobile phones, and keys -in a simple and safe way. It can be attached around the belt or in a purse. Currently available in buffalo leather due to its high resistance, the company has announced to launch a vegan option very soon.

The brand “HAURI” is a better definition of timeless, affordable, and sustainable fashion. The company thrives on the desire to create the most durable products possible.

2. Contrasts by Vera

In the fashion industry, being adaptive is almost as important as being creative. Even though COVID-19 is harming many people's lives and businesses worldwide, we all have to stay positive and hopeful for the future. During these difficult times, Vera, who is a fashion graduate from the Netherlands, founded Contrasts by Vera. With the entrepreneurial mindset that she has, Vera likes to challenge herself by working with complicated patterns and fabrics. The brand has a collection of over 10 different face masks, that all go by their own name. They are made from recycled materials, including cotton, silk, and organza - so they are sustainable and reusable. The face masks are available in contrasting colours and patterns, to make sure you can match them with any outfit.

For her product photography, she has collaborated with The News Jungle and the items are now available on the site.

3. Nanette

Modern fashion isn't just about a seasonal colour or a must-have style: it is the concept of ethical clothing and sustainable fashion. That is precisely what Nanette company delivers to you. It is a company founded with that trendy woman in mind. The company delivers collections that are sustainably and ethically made. Nanette thrives on the aspiration to create a sustainable fashion for beauty within every facet. Different fashion brands are focusing on combating various issues in the industry- some focus on just one while others focus on multiple. Therefore, if you think of a company offering sustainable features, fashion, and ethical clothing, Nanette company is one of a kind.

You might be wondering what sustainable fashion is all about, well we got you. Sustainable or ethical takes into account a full life cycle of a given product -right from the sourcing of design as well as the production process. It looks at everything and everyone being affected by it, ranging from the community where it's produced, the workers, the environment as well as the consumers of the product. Although a complex issue, some brands have the guts to tackle it.

The brand is owned by Nina Mertens, a Belgian woman living in Barcelona for almost 10 years now. She is also the designer of all the collections of Nanette. We call it: Woman Power!

4. Peca en el nombre de Kato

Shopping for kids is pretty much year-round activity due to their constant growth. If you aren't sure how to navigate the world of the retailer environment, never worry-Peca en el nombre de Kato got you covered. The company mainly focuses on delivering their signature handmade flare pants for kids. When dressing your kiddos, it is vital to get clothing that combines comfort and quality while staying within your budget. Whether your kid needs a wardrobe refresh or you need to shop just for a specific event, look no further for designers who are confident of creating the exact pieces that will wow your kid.

The lady behind Peca en el nombre de Kato, Liza Kato Stok, is from the Netherlands. Her middle-name, Kato, is the inspiration for the brand's name.


Now you know where to go for timeless, sustainable yet affordable products that will offer you an unmatched feel all day long.