7 Reasons Barcelona Startups Are Thriving!

Why Barcelona you may ask? What exactly is it about this city that makes it an irresistible heaven for startups? Let’s admit it, we’re biased. We love this city. However, we can definitely back up our superlatives. Barcelona startups are thriving. Let’s take a close look at Barcelona’s startup potential, and the already present benefits of creating a startup in the city.

Written by Jelien Moerman

Photo by Coline Hasle - Source Unsplash

1. Barcelona Is One of Europe's Hottest Tech Hubs

What really matters for the city’s startup scene are the individuals who come over to work, live and do business in the city. Foreign investment, foreign companies and foreign tech talent are all flowing into the city, producing an international entrepreneurial ecosystem where Barcelona startups can thrive.

2. Quality Talent Available for Barcelona Startups

It’s easier to get your hands on developers in Barcelona when compared to other European cities, where the competition can get even tougher. In addition, individuals are usually keen on moving to Barcelona from other regions of the country, so the entire country is at your disposal.

3. Attractive Barcelona Lifestyle

Once you begin to scale your company and grow your team, you will have to begin thinking about hiring talent from outside the country. This is where this city wins. Barcelona is a brand that attracts people form all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Mediterranean city that is also an essential tech center?

Photo by Anthony Mapp - Source Unsplash

4. Big Startup Community to Get Inspired by

Don’t break your head when feeling stuck or helpless due to an issue you’re facing. Rest assured, somebody has already been there, and they live in your city. Sharing stories and experiences between young startups is crucial to maintaining an active, healthy community. We at The News Jungle are regularly working on empowering the bond between new startup players in the city. Stay tuned for regular news on Barcelona’s startup scene!

5. A Meetup Event Every Day... Literally

How else could one get to know all of the city’s startup community if there weren’t regular networking events? Whatever your startup field is related to, there’s usually a meetup event for it. You will find many networking events organized by coworking spaces, such as WeWork, or just by checking the application Meetup.

6. It’s Ok to Make Mistakes in Barcelona

Screwed something up? So what? Everybody does it. Nobody expects you go get all things right, 100% of the time. Barcelona’s startup environment will provide the opportunity to learn from mistakes, so there’s absolutely no need to go ballistic whenever something goes wrong. We should all obviously aim to do our best at all times, but Barcelona is not set out to crush souls.

7. Barcelona is a Breath-Taking City With a Perfect Climate

Although it can get windy, humid and hot sometimes, it’s still perfect in our eyes. Barcelona is a wonderful place to live in for singles and families. Everyday spent in the city enriches your life in various ways. If you have a startup company or are working on establishing one, this city has so many gifts set up for you. It won’t be easy breezy, but Barcelona startups are definitely worth it in the long run.