9 Insane (But True) Things About Business

Businesses around the world have done some crazy things that fascinate us nowadays. They have some secrets that seem to be insane but are actually true. It's also fun to know a thing or two about a company that you are already familiar with. So without further ado, let’s take a peek at the insane but true facts about businesses around the world.

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1. “Pepsi” is derived from “Pepsin”

Did you already know that? I think not. But this one is a pretty interesting and a positive fact about this huge soft-drink manufacturing company. Pepsi is loved by many people as a soft drink but of course, too much of anything could hurt you so make sure you don’t drink too much. Occasionally, it’s okay! The amazing fact about Pepsi is that the word is derived from the word “pepsin” which is the name of the enzyme that helps in the digestion of protein. It is produced in the lining of the stomach and is known as the main digestion enzyme in humans and animals. Pepsi helps in digestion which is why the term is related to pepsin but remember, there’s no pepsin in Pepsi as an ingredient.

2. The Amazing Amazon Logo

You ARE familiar with Amazon, right? You know what it offers. And they really do have an amazing delivery service since they send their products in custom packaging boxes that are of excellent quality. If you want to get such custom packaging boxes for your own business, then you can contact known packaging companies like Dawn Printing. They can give you the best quality boxes at the lowest prices. But have you given some attention to its logo? It has an arrow underneath the word “Amazon”. Basically, the arrow originates from A and terminates to Z of Amazon. This means they have a wide variety of products in their store from “A to Z”.

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3. Facebook is all Blue - Why?

Here’s another interesting fact about a business that you take advantage of every single day, or maybe, every single minute. Yes, I’m talking about Facebook. And you do know about Mark Zuckerberg, right? The founder of Facebook! The reason why Facebook is blue mostly is that Mr. Mark is actually red-green color blind. In an interview he has said: "blue is the richest color for me — I can see all of blue."

4. Nutella Sells Fast, Pretty Fast!

Imagine that you have a business and you’re selling your products every 2-3 seconds continuously. Now that’s some serious success, isn’t it? People love Nutella a lot and we can say it by knowing that after every 2.5 seconds, a jar of Nutella is sold. Jaws dropped? Mine did too! Knowing this fact, you will know that only you are not crazy about Nutella but the whole world is.

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5. The First-Ever Product of Sony...

You might know Sony from TVs, DVD players, sound systems, LCDs, LEDs, DSLR cameras, etc. All of these are electronic items that fall into the category of technology for entertainment. Have you ever thought that this company would make something like… an electronic rice cooker? Yeah, it does sound weird but that’s true! When Sony came into existence, the first product that Sony manufactured and launched was an electronic rice cooker and it was really, REALLY good according to the reviews.

6. Volkswagen Isn’t Just One Company

You do know the concept of a company group and its subsidiaries, yeah? That’s what’s happening in the case of Volkswagen. Many people, who do not know much about cars, have this misconception that Volkswagen is a company just like Honda that produces different models of Volkswagen cars. Nope, that’s not true. Volkswagen group manufactures Volkswagen cars but it owns sub-brands like Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, etc. as well. Each sub-brand that I mentioned here has a huge name in the world. Now think how great the Volkswagen group is! Oh and the name “Volkswagen” is actually pronounced as “Folks’ Wagen” which clearly means “people’s car”. Interesting, isn’t it?

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7. This is How FedEx Was Saved

FedEx is a big name in the field of delivery or courier companies. Many big companies in the world hire FedEx to get their products delivered in different parts of the world since it provides worldwide services. But sadly, there was a time on this company when it was going down and no one could come up with a good idea to save the business. The only revenue left was around $5,000 which is nothing for such companies. This is when the owner of FedEx took this amount to the casino and came out with $32,000, of course, through gambling. And this is how the business was saved.

8. You Wouldn’t Expect This From Samsung

Samsung, being a huge name in electronics, can literally stun you with its old facts. We all know that Samsung products include smartphones, laptops, TVs, home appliances, computers, memory cards, etc. All of these electronics are manufactured and sold by Samsung. But did you know what Samsung was once famous for…? Dried fish and groceries. Yes, you heard that right.

9. KFC in a Pressure Cooker? What?

Have you ever thought of frying something in a pressure cooker? I mean, it sounds crazy. Why would anyone do that when they know the right and perfect method of frying things? But this crazy idea was first practiced by the mighty KFC’s owner, Colonel Sanders. When KFC was born, he used to fry the chicken in a pressure cooker. I can’t even imagine what it would taste and look like but I bet it was delicious. Otherwise, KFC wouldn’t be KFC now if it was bad back then.

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To wrap it up

Did you think of any of these facts about these businesses? A first-read of these facts is always very strange and shocking. Every business has a story and there may be lots of weird happenings as well. But that’s how we learn, that’s how we grow, that’s how we succeed. So if you’re off to starting a new business or if you’re running one already, make sure you be patient and dedicated to what you’re doing and one day, a crazy but true fact about your business will be listed on the Internet that will fascinate people and inspire them.

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