Barcelona Beach Cleanups - Help Keep Beaches Clean, Grow Your Network

Barcelona beach cleanups are a great way to keep the environment clean and create new contacts. Building your network through volunteering is even more powerful than you would imagine and here is why.

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We make use of more than 78 million tons of plastic packaging EVERY SINGLE YEAR. 32% of that ends up in the environment, primarily in the ocean system. About 100 million tons of rubbish are present in the ocean, of which 60% is made of plastic. Plastic needs around 400 years just to decompose, which explains why plastic is a great environmental hazard in the long run.

Barcelona Beach Cleanup Movements

Pure Clean Earth Barcelona

Pure Clean Earth is a non-profit movement that aims to raise awareness of the current world issues by demonstrating the importance of how much 1 single person can make a wonderful and positive impact on the environment around them, by very simply building small, daily habits that aid the natural environment.

The Clean Beach Initiative

The main goal at the Clean Beach Initiative is to keep Barcelona’s beaches clean, fight pollution of oceans, and raise society’s awareness of plastic pollution issues. By joining efforts with this community and promoting direct action, they’ll be able to tackle the problem first hand!

What Happens To Plastic In Our Beaches?

Around 15% of plastic waste remains visible on the sea’s surface and another 15% ultimately gets washed up ashore. The vast majority of plastic, however, sinks to the sea bed.

Important Facts On Plastic:

  • A massive 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled.

  • Up to 80% of the ocean’s plastic pollution gains access from land.

  • Around 6.3 billion metric tons of produced plastic has turned into waste, out of which around 79% is present in landfills or sloughs off into the natural environment as litter.

  • If the current trend continues, there will be around 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste in landfills by 2050. That’s around 35,000 times heavier than the Empire State Building.

  • More than ⅓ of food sold in the European Union is packaged with plastic.

  • Every single European Union resident produces around 31 kilograms of plastic waste per year.

  • In 2016, every person in Spain contributed to an average of 18kg of recycled plastic. 23kg, however, were landfilled.

Photo by Brian Yuratis - source Unsplash

Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollutions (Apart From Barcelona Beach Cleanups)

Avoid disposable plastic bottles

The vast majority of disposable plastic bottles don’t reach any sort of recycling process. Therefore, try to avoid using glass bottles or reusable plastic bottles.

REFUSE Plastic Bags 600 billion plastic bags are produced around the world every single year. During their lifespan, these bags only contribute to about 25 minutes of use. We recommend the use of cloth bags, which are much more sustainable, just like the other products The News Jungle is selling.

Eat Fresh Purchase fresh groceries and carry them around with containers instead of buying packaged foods. Growing some edible plants yourself is also an option and a method to reduce the environmental impact.

Plastic straws are a big NO-NO

We all know that drinks are generally served with plastic straws, but try to keep away from that habit. These straws are used just once and thrown away directly afterwards. Just drink without a straw, it's much cooler.

Drink tap water

Plastic bottles pollute the environment. Plus, microplastics in plastic bottles are believed to be harmful to our health. As long as your region’s tap water is safe - drink it!


Cities in the European Union, including Barcelona, possess great recycling systems. Take advantage of your city’s recycling system and divide your garbage, thereby preventing it from reaching the environment.

Barcelona Beach Cleanups Research doesn’t lie. As human beings, 3 of our most essential core needs include feeling part of a greater community, receiving and giving attention, and the sense of achievement and competence.

After the London School of Economics looked into the relationship between the act of volunteering and one’s wellbeing, they found out that the more human beings volunteered, the happier they got.

Benefits of Volunteering in Barcelona Beach Cleanups:

  • A great sense of achievement is associated with helping a project that has a team you’re ecstatic to be a part of.

  • A wonderful way to get away from your daily routine and reduce some stress.

  • Meet new people that you could connect with and add to your network circle. A strong way to extend your network is by getting involved in activities that create lasting memories. Barcelona beach cleanups will definitely be an experience you’ll never forget!

  • A great way to be involved in activities happening locally in Barcelona.

Photo by Brian Yurasits - source Unsplash