Belgian rapper/comedian Nicolas Bauwens on the rise

A mixture of cool sketches, jokes, and original videos, that is the entertaining fusion you can expect from artist Nicolas Bauwens.

From performing in a small town in Belgium, to (inter)national recognition. Here is his story.

Written by Jelien Moerman

It all started in Rekkem, a small village in Belgium close to the border with France. As many of the young inhabitants think: a place where nothing special happens and where you have to invent and create your own activities. That is something Nicolas Bauwens, 34 years old, has been doing for quite some time now.

Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.

Nicolas says the inspiration for his lyrics and videos comes from funny situations he experiences himself. His YouTube channel is a mixture of videos about love issues, parties, friendships and more. It is easy for most people to engage with his videos, as the situations will sound familiar. His "idols" are the French comedian Pirette, the American comedian Dave Chappelle and the Flemish comedian Gunter Lamoot.

Nicolas likes to keep his music a bit rebellious. A little "rien à foutre" as they would say in French. He continues by explaining to us he had a hard time following the rules as a kid and that it is the bottom line of the lyrics of his rap songs. This goes without sounding violent or vulgar, although there is a "dirty" joke in it now and then.

So far, he has been performing in local bars, youth clubs and cafes. Friends of Nicolas have been supporting him since day one, which has been a motivation to continue his sketches, buy wigs, lightning and a decent camera. The uniqueness of his videos is in the use of his desk and cupboard full of DVD's, games, CD's and toys from his childhood, as the background.

Nicolas Bauwens in front of his unique background

Recognition as his greatest motivator

After Nicolas was featured in some local newspapers, he was offered his first film role in a Flemish production. Unfortunately he had to call it off because he was showing mild symptoms of COVID-19.

"That was a hard pill to swallow but I certainly didn't want to take the risk, filming in a nursery home and infecting others. I would never forgive myself if I'd infected someone. Hopefully someday there'll be another role."

No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid

His dream is to be able to see his own sketch on TV someday or to host his own show. In the meantime, Nicolas is making lots of videos and trying to spread his name and jokes as much as possible.

"Although I'm far from successful, I often get positive feedback. I have a small fan base and I gradually get more page likes, with every video I publish online. I hope people aren't afraid to visit my page, check my channel or my Instagram page, to see what I'm doing besides music and comedy."

For Nicolas the most important thing is that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Laughing is healthy and free so why should we hold back?!

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