Best 5 Places to Invest In Real Estate 2020

Real estate could be a good investment for several reasons. You can relish the rate of returns, tax benefits, and leverage real estate to make your wealth. In this article we will discuss the 5 best places to invest in real estate in 2020.

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Cabo Mexico - Photo by Rohan Gogopadhayay - Source Unsplash

Why real estate investment?

Historically in real estate property investment, your risk of loss has decreased by the length of your time you hold onto your property. Once the market improves, so will the worth of your home, and as a result, you build equity. The risk never changes within the stock market, and various factors beyond your management may negatively impact your investment. Real estate investment provides you with additional control of your investment. There exists a difference between property management and real estate. Hence, this makes your property a tangible asset that you will leverage to capitalize on varied revenue streams while enjoying capital appreciation.

Benefits of real estate investment

Investment in real estate will prove to be helpful within the long run. If you have made the best real estate investment, it is going to generate profitable returns. The benefits of investing money in real estate are as follows:

hedge against inflation

rent pays off for mortgage

stable income

tax benefits

self-decision making

financial security

worth appreciation

Best places to invest in real estate

1. Mexico’s Riviera Maya

There are a large number of beaches in Mexico. Many tourists and expats are coming here per annum. Stretching from Cancun to Tulum, the Riviera Maya is the Caribbean coastline at its finest. And it is here that members of real estate trend alert have done very well by buying right.

Vacationers fly into Cancún’s busy international airport. Some stayin Cancun. And, the vacationers head resolutely for the region’s natural beauty. It is a wonderland of tropical flora and fauna.

But the Riviera Maya wasn’t always so developed. The development came initially to Cancun. The government saw its rapid growth, so, they began to invest and promote heavily to form Cancun a success. The population is growing speedily, the town’s expanding, and tourist numbers are rising. Tulum is being transformed into a spirited, stylish destination. Hence, it is the right place for real estate investment.

Mexico Riviere Maya - Photo by Eduardo Cano - Source Unsplash

2. Cabo, Mexico

There are miles of pacific beaches in Los Cabo. Dramatic night skies across the desert-and-cacti landscape. Pro-designed golf courses with spectacular clifftop views. A marina crammed with yachts and boats. Here you can find luxury malls with designer labels.

The form of a place where you’ll pay $350,000 easily only for the rights to three weeks a year in a time-share. And an extra maintenance fee of $10,000 for those three weeks.

More than $4 billion is being pumped-up into the realm. It is being spent on installing new infrastructure, new golf courses, and twenty new resorts. They are targeting high-end tourists with cash to pay. They will get them, and their efforts are reworking Cabo.

That is one reason that to-dos port is taking off- it is a fertile oasis wherever market-gardening is straightforward. The soil of the Baja is extremely wealthy if there is water to nourish it. So, if you have been thinking about the best property investment, it is an excellent option to consider.

3. Panama City and the pacific riviera

It is a secure, stable, and invasive international centre of finance and commerce. It is beach-facing, master-planned, and innovatively formed. The demand to induce onto the island is already phenomenal and can solely grow beside the town. The slips within the marina—designed for the mega-yachts of the rich and famous—opened in December.

It is a rising foremost town. The rise of each economy and also the city is driving demand for real estate. According to the world bank, the broad economy has grown in 2019. It is also predicted to grow more in 2020. Therefore, you can invest in this city.

4. Costa Rica’s southern zone

Costa Rica is famous for its tourism, and it’s a beautiful atmosphere, and it is one of the best places to invest. They have worked a lot for many years to make it one of the top countries in Central America. And for its efforts, it has been well rewarded.

There are loads to charm to those that visit: clear-blue skies and long, unspoiled beaches. Aquatics and journey sports. An abundance of natural parks. Wildlife and tropical flowers all around. And a few of the friendliest, most relaxed individuals in the world. Today, the tourism trade in the country is well developed. Costa Rica counts quite one traveller for every two locals. It is a big part of the financial gain of the country.

As the number of tourists has increased, too have the land costs. Once it involves making the most of real estate, you have to dig deep to find the chance. However, do it right—buy in the correct place in a central American country at the right time—and you will make a killing profit.

Costa Rica property - photo by Fernardo Alvarez Rodriguez - Source Unsplash

5. Medellin, Colombia

The best places wherever you can invest in the city, Medellin Colombia. The city is out and away from the most European-feeling town in Latin America on my beat. It is also the greenest. The reputation of the town is growing by the year. Today, it has been rated as one of the highest three places worldwide for digital nomads to base themselves.

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