Surf's Up! 10 of The Best Surf Rentals in Barcelona

If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona’s beach for more than just a tan, then you’ve reached the right place. We’ve done the hard work for you and gathered Barcelona’s top surf rental hotspots. Let’s take a look!

Written by Jelien Moerman

It’s summertime, and people are spending their time off on the beaches of Barcelona. The city has always been blessed with great sunny weather throughout most of the year and with a breathtaking coast full of beaches to visit.

One thing many people love to do when visiting the city is to rent a surfboard. Travelling the globe with your own surfboard is usually an expensive and inconvenient venture, and that’s why surf rentals in Barcelona are a smart option to go for. Renting a surf in Barcelona can be an easy and affordable experience when done right. However, as a client, you need to know where to look. Let The News Jungle point you in the right direction.

10 Best Surf Rentals in Barcelona that Break Waves

Photo by Lucas Meneses via Pexels


BOX Barcelona is a great option for getting quality surf gear in Barcelona. They’ve been a strong player in the field since 1999, offering a wide variety of surf articles. They have a unique store where you can rent some colourful surfing gear. You will also discover much more than just surfing, as they offer exclusive collections made in Barcelona with organic materials. Not only the store is popular, also their rental options for stand up paddle, skate and surf, are famous among the locals and tourists. For the people who prefer something more exclusive, sail with them on their beautiful classic sailboat.

Escola Catalana de Surf

Aside from their famous courses and surfing lessons, Escola Catalana de Surf also provides surf gear in Barcelona for anyone who wants to surf on their own. They can supply just about anything you need: Surfboards or paddle boards of different types, neoprene suits, paddles and other various accessories.

Ungravity SUP & SURF Center

Located right next to The News Jungle, you can find Ungravity SUP & SURF Center. Founded in 2004, the company is dedicated to create quality projects to promote Skate, Longboard, BMX, Skating, Surfing, Paddle Surfing, Skiing and Snowboarding through several services (lessons, courses, camps, clubs, trips and other experiences). The rental place is, compared to the other players, located a little more hidden in the narrow streets of Barceloneta. As one of the first paddle surf schools in Catalonia, they definitely have the experience to guide you through this adventure!

Sunrise surf session - photo by Jelien Moerman

Tactic Surf

Tactic Surf is probably one of the oldest surf shops in Barcelona (founded in 1988!). Here you’ll find various kinds of boards, including shortboards, skimboards, bodyboards, fish boards and paddle surfboards. Plus, they even have skate and snowboards, in case you prefer to ride on a solid surface. When checking out their webshop, definitely take a look at the outlet section to find the best deals for your surf gear!

La General Surfera

La General Surfera is one of the leading surf rentals in Barcelona. In their surf department (they also sell skating, skiing and snowboarding gear), you’ll find surfboards and everything else you need while being out on the water. They collaborate with some of the major brands in the world of surfing. If big names are your thing, then you’ll feel right at home here.

Manihi Surf

Manihi Surf School is the project of a passionate surfer who after many years of experience, decided to transfer the essence of the sport to his hometown, Barcelona. Manihi Surf School is the meeting point for all those lovers of the sea who want to practice outdoor sports in a fun and dynamic environment. Throughout the year, they offer surf lessons for children and adults of all levels, both for beginners and for those who want to perfect their technique.

Surf boards - Photo by Nico BHLR on Unsplash


At Moloka’i Sup Center they love the sea and sports. They have two very clear missions: one is to promote the culture of the sea and the other is to help you go far in the stand up paddle and achieve your purposes. If what you are looking for is to be fit and / or perform in stand up paddle, in Moloka'i SUP Center you will find top quality material to practice any of the disciplines as well as certified and experienced coaches in the sport that will bring out the best in you.

Anywhere Watersports

A synergy between the words "Anywhere" and "Everybody", that's how the company originated. The sea, especially sailing was always socially linked to elitism, but they fight that concept so that we all can be part of the sea. Anywhere Watersports broke that stereotype and now nearly 60,000 clients have passed through their company in total, whether for a unique experience, for an event or to take a course in any sport.

Pukas Surf

Pukas Surf is a family business with origin in the Basque Country. They are dedicated to the manufacture of high performance surfboards. Their company is based in Barcelona, ​​where you can rent surf or SUP equipment and also attend surf, SUP and Ocean Pilates courses. Mixing a global vision with local knowledge, Pukas Surf has built a reputation and credibility recognized around the world since the time they formed their first board in 1973.

Boardriders Barceloneta

You can’t go wrong with Boardriders Barceloneta when searching for the best surf rentals in Barcelona. This is a concept store established by the Quicksilver group. You’ll be able to find all of the newest and best brands owned by the group. If you’re ready to hit the waves in the great city of Barcelona, you’ll be able to grab everything you need at Boardriders Barcelona.

The News Jungle wishes you a beautiful day out on the sea !