Food delivery in Barcelona: Support and Enjoy Specialized Kitchen

As the coronavirus resurged, restaurants and bars had to close a second time, causing unease and despair citywide. Restaurant and bar owners were forced to find alternatives in order to keep their heads above water during these difficult times. To support all the amazing business owners in Barcelona, The News Jungle will refresh your options to order food in Barcelona and why it’s a positive thing to order in sometimes. And no, we don’t want you to replace your home-cooked meals and lovely kitchen with food deliveries, it’s just nice to support the locals once in a while!

Written by Jelien Moerman

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5 Advantages of food delivery? Bring them on!

You might look for some answers on why it’s a good thing to order food in Barcelona. With this list we hope to convince you with some of the benefits of this service.

1. Support restaurants in Barcelona

It has been a rough period for restaurant owners, without a doubt. From a very strict lockdown to a period of uncertainty, not knowing when they will be able to open again, and with what capacity. The fact that most of them have a delivery option, allows us to still enjoy meals from our favorite restaurants. This way, the restaurant continues to do business, with hopefully as many employees as they possibly can! It's still unclear what the surge of deliveries mean, especially financially, and in the long run. Many of the restaurants in Barcelona have little choice but to sign on with the applications.

2. Tastier food from a specialized cuisine

Of course we don’t doubt that you are a great amateur cook and that you may enjoy the delicious pasta that you’ve just made, but the truth is, you’ll probably won’t get the same results as a skilled chef. If you really want to spoil yourself one night with delicious flavors, you’ll definitely enjoy your ordered food from one of the many options in Barcelona.

Xavier Pellicer Restaurant - Photo by Jesús Terrés

3. Time and convenience Just finished that long meeting? Starving? Yes, that’s the moment where you could just order food from your favorite restaurant. There are so many reasons, such as staying in your pajamas, a bad hair day, no energy to cook, do the dishes or maybe you simply have the need to multitask. It’s the perfect moment to treat yourself with a delicious delivered meal from one of the many restaurants in Barcelona.

4. Explore new options

Never had the chance before to go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try across the city? Well, now is your chance! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the free time you have while you are waiting for your food. As you save so much time, you will probably explore different restaurants and cuisine across all Barcelona because of the food delivery service.

5. It’s fun and full of surprises!

Excited about tracking down the courier through the GPS system - or for the moment he or she will ring the doorbell? I guess we’ve all been there! It can be fun, especially when you are waiting for food with a group of friends. During the pandemic, many restaurants have also made the effort to add something extra to your delivery. For example Timesburg has added some small notes with encouraging words to get through these difficult times. Simple but lovely!

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And now what? These are your options!

Your options in Barcelona? Here are 5 food delivery platforms!

1. Glovo

We can't go without mentioning Barcelona's pride. Glovo was launched in Barcelona in 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud. Since 2015, Glovo has expanded and launched in 22 countries and over 400 cities worldwide. It is the largest on-demand platform founded in Europe, having delivered over 100 million orders. Install the Glovo app and enjoy food delivery in Barcelona! Oh, they also offer Glovo Prime for free for one month!

Glovo courier - Credit Glovo

2. Deliveroo

Another food delivery platform that is very active in Barcelona, is Deliveroo. Deliveroo's founder and CEO Will Shu moved to London in 2013, where he discovered a city full of great restaurants! He was however surprised that not that many restaurants delivered food. He basically made it his very own mission to bring the best local food directly to people’s doors. A great food delivery option in Barcelona!

Creator: Simon Dawson | Credit: Bloomberg

3. Just Eat

Just Eat is another global online food delivery service, that is very active in Barcelona. In Barcelona they still deliver under the name Just Eat, however, there was a merge in January 2020. They brought together two of the world’s most successful food delivery firms: (founded in 2000 in the Netherlands) and Just Eat (founded in 2001 in Denmark), now called Just Eat

Creator: Nicolò Campo | Source: LightRocket via Getty Images

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering platform launched by Uber in 2014 and based in San Francisco. The app is very popular in Barcelona as well and is offering major discounts during Black Friday Week, up till 70%!

Uber Eats courier - Source Unsplash

5. Deliverum

Deliverum is the one of the fastest, easiest and most comfortable ways to enjoy the best food from your favorite restaurants in Barcelona. With extensive experience in the sector, the home delivery and take away service Deliverum works with the best restaurants in the city and offers more than 50 different types of food suitable for all us. Another food delivery option in Barcelona!

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