How Expats Can Find Jobs in Qatar

To find jobs in Qatar as an expat, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of the nation’s job market and work culture. Qatar is known as one of the richest countries in the Gulf. With the discovery of oil and gas resources the economic conditions of the country have boomed, creating lots of career opportunities for those looking for jobs in Qatar. Witnessing a tremendous past the country is taking all the right steps to make sure that development never stops and for this they hire the best talent from around the world.

Written by Nikhil Mishra

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So, if you are the one looking for jobs in Qatar, then you must know that all sectors in the country are constantly hiring the potential candidates who may add value to the organization. To begin with the right job, it is important for you to make your strategy to find your success.

Here are a few tips that can help you to find right jobs in Qatar:

· Make an Early Start: Being an expat, it is crucial for you to make an early leap to get a position of advantage. So, before you make a move to the country, you must begin your job search. This will help you to gain a better understanding about the Qatar job market and who knows if you become lucky during job search. If you are serious about looking for jobs, then you can also make an account on the top job portals and can contact Qatar embassy in your native country for some job opportunities.

· Make a Great Resume: Your resume defines you in the eyes of a recruiter. So, to make your first form of communication with the recruiter impeccable, it is important to make a resume in the best format possible as per the Qatar recruiters.

· Create Network: People in Qatar have faith on their network and most people obey with the connections. If you have friends or family members in Qatar then you must not shy away and take their help to form more connections which can ultimately help you in getting the job. Most recruiters in the Middle East prefer to hire through referral due to the high level of trust involved. This can work well in your benefit.

· Attend Job Fairs: Job fairs or career fairs are again the best move to find a job once you land in Qatar. It is important to gain information about the good job fairs in your town and attend it to find your type of job. These events also help people to make worthy connections which can prove to be useful in the close future to find a job.

Photo by Florian Wehde - source Unsplash

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Now, let us tell you about top 5 jobs in Qatar:

· Civil Engineering: Infrastructure has always been given a special position in Qatar. The country is defined by its buildings, hence to take care of these tall establishments the country has a huge demand for professionals in the domain of civil engineering jobs. Qatar has a strict norm of education for engineers so to get a job in this niche, one has to have a good knowledge and relevant qualification.

· Finance and Consulting: Being the richest country of Middle East, Qatar has great work opportunities in the domain of finance and consulting. This sector is highly advanced and looks ahead to hire from diversity of people for progressive ideas and improved opportunities. The job role can range anywhere from, writing the finance books for corporates and multinationals to providing services to banks. This is the work domain which has the maximum demand for human resources in the nation. There are numerous finance and consulting jobs that one can be hired for in the country with the right set of skills and abilities.

· Management: Management professionals are highly demanded in Qatar. Being one of the most developed countries it demands potential candidates who may make and execute strategies. So, candidates who have a post graduate degree in management or who have the adequate work experience may apply for job roles in this position. These jobs are valuable with almost all companies in Qatar and one may select the industry as per their personal preference.

· Medical: Qatar has world class medical facilities and it requires potential manpower to handle various jobs in the medical sector. With the shortage of skilled professionals like physiotherapists, cardio specialists, lab technicians etc. the country is on a constant lookout to hire people with knowledge and experience. So, this profession has a great chance to opt for jobs.

· Oil and Gas Engineering: The country has a massive dependency on oil and gas for the last decades. Although, Qatar is decreasing its dependency on oil and gas and going to open new avenues to flow money in economy, the country still requires the right set of people to take care of their main economic source of income. So, if you have the required qualification and knowledge in this domain from your native country, then you may apply for these jobs in Qatar.

So, read and follow the steps given above to apply for the 5 types of jobs given below to earn your livelihood in Qatar and live a great life ahead.

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