Our List of Top Coworking Spaces in Barcelona for Productive Work

Barcelona is well known to attract entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and freelancers. The sun is almost always shining and the wonderful sea breeze makes life a whole lot more enjoyable. This explains why the city has seen so much demand and growth when it comes to coworking spaces in recent years. If you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Barcelona, you’ve reached the right location!

Photo by Shridhar Gupta - source Unsplash

The workplace revolution has had an impact on the city’s scenery. Coworking spaces can be found all over Barcelona nowadays. From former shops and factories to whole buildings that have been transformed into working spaces. They cater to all of the various tastes and dispositions, from smaller locales with communal tables and an open kitchen, to huge complexes with personal offices and in-house experts providing business advice and mentoring. We’ve picked out some of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona. In no particular order.


Bethaus has a terrace that provides a beautiful elevated view of the city, where one can work in the sun and get some inspiration when looking at the city. The space has been specially designed to match the needs of freelancers who want to work solo or in groups, providing shared tables and solitude booths, as well as ‘brain rooms’ for discussions. You can’t go wrong with this option.

Pictures by Betahaus

La Vaca Coworking

Located right in the middle of Poble Sec, La Vaca is certainly one of the city’s more laid-back coworking offices. In case you didn’t know, ‘La Vaca’ is the literal translation to ‘the cow’, since the space was formerly a dairy shop where individuals used to purchase fresh milk. LaVa has that special communal energy that gives that amazing vibe for productivity and producing fresh ideas. This coworking space in Barcelona focuses greatly on a community-based work atmosphere that enables one to enjoy his workplace, while at the same time networking with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads who come from all around the globe. Take a look at their 3D map to see if it matches your needs!

Pictures by La Vaca Coworking


This is a smaller coworking space that has been beautifully designed and makes wonderful use of its available space to provide its members with light and clean rooms. This coworking space is a great location for freelancers to explore the beautiful city and its entrepreneurs. An added bonus of this space is the fact that it is pet-friendly, so you can bring your little best friend along. We find MOB BLN to be one of the more unique coworking spaces in Barcelona. MOB also has other coworking spaces around the city, go ahead and take a look to see which location is most convenient for you!

Coworking at MOB - Photo by MOB


OneCoWork has a nice budding community of startups, entrepreneurs and corporates. In this coworking space, you’ll be mostly surrounded by great talent. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the members during events that take place in the offices regularly. OneCoWork’s membership arrives with acces to a scanner and printer, unlimited refreshments, great WiFi speed, 24/7 access, private events, and more. Plus, there’s an option to add the on-site fitness membership and healthy lunch deliveries to the plan.

Pictures by OneCoWork

CoCo Coffice

CoCo Coffice is a great place for coffee lovers, as it’s actually a coffee shop that has been designed as a modern office for entrepreneurs, freelancers and students who enjoy having their morning caffeine freshly brewers. CoCo Coffice offers a refreshing workspace with a great balance between noise and silence. The space has an interesting membership model - instead of going for a fixed desk plan, you rent your space by the hour, providing the choice of how much time you want to spend in each working session. This is a great option for freelancers and writers who enjoy being productive in a coffee shop but don’t want to deal with the associated discomforts.

Pictures by CoCo Coffice

Coworking spaces in Barcelona aren’t just a thing of the past and present, but will play a huge role in the city’s future, especially during this pandemic. By opting for one of the mentioned coworking spaces in Barcelona, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy some great productive work! Don’t forget to visit The News Jungle in between for news flashes and updates on the city we all love!

The News Jungle wishes you the best of luck with your business!