Where to Eat in Granada: Our 6 Favourite and Cheap Options!

Planning a nice getaway to the south of Spain and looking for some food recommendations for the beautiful city of Granada? In that case you have found the perfect article. All the restaurants listed below have vegetarian options as well, so that's good news for the herbivore readers among us! Here is our list of the absolute best restaurants in Granada.

Written by Jelien Moerman (based on our own experience and suggestions of locals)

Paseo de Los Tristes, Granada - photo by Sergio R de Juan (Unsplash)

1. Bar Provincias

Have you just strolled around the city center of Granada, enjoyed the sights, and now you are looking for a place to relax but feel the local vibes? Bar Provincias is the place to be!

The bar is located in a narrow street between Plaza de Bib-Rambla and Plaza de Pescadería, right in the heart of the city center. Even though it’s hidden, it’s very popular and loved by the locals. Remember: drinks = free tapas! Just order a glass of wine or a beer, and they will serve you with some amazing home-made tapas! So no, not just olives, you will get either a full plate of cheese, a delicious gyros dish, or any of the other tapas they have prepared (just ask for a vegetarian if you prefer something without meat). This place offers you quality food along with its drinks for a very cheap price, worth a visit!

Location: Calle Provincias, 4, 18001 Granada

2. Casa de Vinos La Brujidera

More of a wine than beer lover? Then Casa de Vinos La Brujidera is the right address for you. The bar is located close to calle Reyes Católicos (one of the main shopping streets), in a nice little alley with other bars next to it. Listen to the suggestions of the waiter, order your favourite wine and enjoy the tapas you will get with it. Their menu is also vegetarian-friendly!

Casa de Vinos - photo by Jelien Moerman

Location: Calle Monjas del Carmen, 2, 18009 Granada

3. El Higo in Albaicín

Albaícin or Albayzín, is a district in Granada that is now a World Heritage site. The neighbourhood is breathtaking and has a lot of history for you to discover because of its Medieval Moorish past. There are many bars and restaurants to try, but one of our favourites is El Higo. They are taking it to the next level with their vegan menu and lovely garden! Enjoy tapas to start with as usual and prepare yourself for huge portions.

Location: Calle Horno del Hoyo, 17, 18010 Granada

4. Café 4 Gatos in Albaicín

Another favourite in Albaicín is Café 4 Gatos. The café is beautifully located in an alley with a view to the Alhambra. Locals love to have their breakfast at 4 Gatos and to soak in some sun in the morning. Definitely recommended for an easy-going morning.

Location: Placeta Cruz Verde, 6, 18010 Granada

Alhambra - photo by Victoriano Izquierdo (source Unsplash)

5. La Mancha Chica Chaoen in Albaicín

Want to have traditional Moroccan food and learn more about the country/culture? Definitely go have dinner at La Mancha Chica Chaoen. The restaurant is small and cosy and creates the idea of dining at someone’s home. The owner is really friendly and will welcome you with open arms. Try their hummus and mint tea, both are super delicious!

Location: Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás, 1, 18010 Granada

6. Colagallo

Back in the center and thirsty? Colagallo is the place to be! With their extensive beer card, ranging from low percentage beers to strong ones, there will definitely be one on the menu that you will like (you can always ask to try first). The restaurant is actually a low-key brewery offering craft beers & cocktails, with some live music sessions from time to time. The food menu is amazing as well and the service is on point!

Location: Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás, 1, 18010 Granada

Scenery from Granada - photo by Elle Hughes (source Unsplash)

The News Jungle wishes you a pleasant stay in Granada!